Hello, December!


December is FINALLY here! And even though we’re only 3 days into it, I’m already having a blast πŸ™‚

60813_3835525937156_1453337108_n(I really need to start using my camera again… I’ve becometoo dependent on my Instagram & so I get photos like these :/)

This past weekend, Brian & I actually got a chance to go on a couple of datesΒ —–just the two of us.Β  We love spending time with our friends & family but sometimes, its nice to have a one-on-one date with your sweetie & just laugh together & share inside jokes like no other. I can’t speak for my husband but for me, I feel love refreshedΒ like almost that feeling you get after a really good bath/ shower. Does that make sense?


We started our weekend off with Pizza Palace then stopping by at Peterbrooke Chocolatier. That place smelled heavenly! Then, did I mention before that Brian is now officially a couponer? We went on our very first couponing trip together last Tuesday & he actually enjoyed it. I was one happy wifey! We got some handcream & placemats— with an initial total of $32.34, we only paid $2.19. A total of 93%!


Anyways, before we went on one of our dates this weekend, we were able to squeeze in a quick coupon trip. With $51 worth of stuff, this time Publix paid us $1.21 before tax to buy their stuff & only paid a total of $1.50 for all of those Pop-Tarts.

306045_3835440455019_877524889_n (1)

Then, we had a romantic dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant. It was quite a lovely evening ❀


During this season of joy, I feel very loved and hope that I will be able to share my blessings to others. Brian, I look forward to spending this Christmas and another new year with you.Β You make life worth living.Β 


Ti voglio molto bene, Grace

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