Brian’s 25th Moustache Party

Moustache party

My hubby is officially 25! Wooot Woooot!!! I’ve been wanting to throw a moustache party for him since last year & I was very excited to see it finally happen. Plus, his work requires him to be clean-shaven so I thought it’d be nice to at least pretend to have facial hair 🙂  (WARNING: This post will have photo galore)

Here is a slideshow of the decorations we had. Thank you for Pinterest and a big shout out to the girls who helped me: Emily and Kara!

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For the photo booth, I decided to use gift wrap as our background- t’was so cheap & so festive.

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Later on…we played Charades, Pin the Moustache, ate some food, etc..

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Overall, I thought the party went very well. Brian was very surprise (thanks to Spencer for kidnapping him so we can decorate). I was so proud of myself because I didn’t give him a single hint. Brian told me that he had a lot of fun & that he felt very loved. And so, thank you to all those who came & made Brian’s birthday extra special.

xoxo, Grace


Mr. Love Robot

Hello & Welcome to another session of 14 Days of ValentinesFor today’s love token, I call this guy the Mr Love Robot — you can’t really command it to do anything other than showing your love one that you care about them. It might look like a science fair project gone wrong but I’m quite proud of this one. I pretty much improvised and did whatever I could with what was available and Ta-Da!

lollipop love


With a styrofoam ball, some bamboo skewers from the kitchen, and lots of lollipop, you can make a masterpiece like mine 😀 Let your valentine know that no matter what, you’ll always  be there for him/her especially when things get sticky.

I hope everyone’s having an awesome weekend!

Living Room Inspiration: Light Blue Walls

Hello pretty people! Well, it’s official…I have actually found it fun to shop at Lowe’s & Home Depot! Owning your own home definitely gives you a different perspective & I’m learning SO MUCH from our home improvement journey. Right now, we’re inspired to start with our living room with maybe light blue walls.

A Seaside Living Room- Pale Blue Walls with White Trim

Seaside Living Room- Pale blue wall White trim

Nautical themed Living RoomNautical Living Room

James Andrew’s Light Blue Living RoomJames Andrew Living Room

Light Blue Accent WallBlue Accent Wall

Light Blue Gallery WallBlue Gallery Wall

So… yay or nay??? We definitely LOVE the color blue & would love to somehow incorporate it in our house. We just have to be careful that whatever blue we pick won’t look like a granny blue hehe 😀

Tissue Paper Wreath

Welcome to our front door!

I’ve been meaning to make a wreath for our front door for over a year & I finally did it. I didn’t want to spend any mula so, I used stuff that I already owned. Btw, remember my Chevron Welcome Mat?

1) Cut a cardboard box into a doughnut shape.


2) Cut a bunch of tissue paper into circles. Crumble it up. Use glue gun to attach tissue paper all over the cardboard.


PS: I made some flowers at the bottom by dotting the middle with Sharpie.

Well, I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

Giddy in Art

Today, I indulged myself with some craft shopping at Michaels & Target. I almost feel like I’m back to my old artsy self. Yay, I’m so giddy!!!

I have a couple of projects planned out. I will try my best to blog my creative comeback.

I LOVE oil pastels. I can’t wait to go to the beach, be inspired & just color away. My new obsession: washi tape. Living in a condo for over a year & not being able to paint our white blank walls… it drives me crrrrazzzzyy! Now, I have found a solution! I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got in mind. After working on our “welcome mat”, I want to see if spray paint would be easier & faster. 

Anyway, have a glorious weekend!

Hair Styling Tools Storage

For this episode of Creative Thursday, I did a simple project for my hair styling tools. Instead of buying a storage box, I decided to re-use a cardboard box from a fruit snack I surprised Brian with (he’s a big muncher I tell ya).

Materials: cardboard box (cereal box), scotch tape (packing tape), Mod Podge, decorative paper.

Instructions: Cut box into a shape you’d like. I decided to cut a slanted side. Use Mod Podge to glue paper to all sides of box. Make sure reinforce the boxes with tape. Tada!

xoxo Grace