Dirty Dishes

As much as I love being a wifey and having my own kitchen, there is one chore I never got along with…


Everytime I see the sink filled with dirty dishes, I seriously want to scream this out loud in a very melodramatic way…

no more dirty dishes

Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way… 😦

But I suppose a clean kitchen and a happy husband makes it all worth it

hubby dish


Brethren, Love Your Wife

Here’s a little serious post. Even though it focuses on husbands, I think it could apply to wives as well. I will be quoting from a talk given by Elder James E Faust entitled, “Brethren, Love Your Wives”.

What should a wife mean to her husband? How does she deserve to be treated?

“The relationship between husband and wife is the linchpin in the whole family relationship…the extent of the needs of our wives and womenfolk for love, appreciation, companionship, and recognition…are great, they are constant, and they need to be frequently met.”

“Elder Boyd K. Packer recently asked me a very penetrating question: “What would you have been without your wife, Ruth?” I could have answered immediately, “Not much,” but he already knew that. I took him seriously and spent the next twenty-four hours thinking about what I would have been without the loving, sweet support and the discipline of Ruth Wright in my life. It shocked me a little to even think about what life would be and would have been without her. I would have to answer honestly that without my wife I would have been pretty much of a failure. I do not claim to be an expert in marriage: I have only been married once. But, thanks to my good wife, it took. I do not claim to have a better marriage than anyone, but I do claim to be married to a great companion.”

 “Be good to your wife. Take her with you everywhere you can. The time will come when you will not be able to be together.” ~President Marion G Romney

” The most sacred, intimate, and blessed relationship of life is between husband and wife… It is the glue that brings together all of the parts of the jigsaw puzzle of eternal joy and fulfillment and happiness. One of the greatest blessings of having a good wife is that she can be the source of the most basic of all human needs—love

“Perhaps in these times of great stress we can become what we ought to be in our relationships with our wives. Perhaps the eternal “every day” causes some of us to be more casual than we ought to be. Of course, we love our wives, but perhaps we take them for granted too much of the time. Perhaps too often we fail to express our appreciation to them in little ways. I know I do. We could certainly show more affection and always look upon our companions with love and respect. We can surely be polite and courteous if we try. We can nourish and cherish them.”

“The simple fact is that few of us could function nearly as well without the support of our gracious and loving wives. They make our homes the heaven on earth which they are. How can I expect God to honor me and be pleased with my service if I do not honor and cherish my very own companion?”

“We must strive for greater spirituality in our relationships, and especially in our homes. Literally taking the Lord into partnership with us will bring us a full measure of peace, happiness, unity, and contentment.”

“I know a substantial part of that gospel is how I treat my Ruth on an hour-to-hour, day-by-day, ongoing basis. I believe that none of us can come into full possession of all of our powers without an eternal companion. I suggest that the ultimate judgment will come to us in terms of what kind of person we have been, what kind of husband we have been, what kind of father we have been, and what kind of family we have raised. Indeed, the Lord has commanded: “Thou shalt love thy wife with all thy heart, and shalt cleave unto her and none else.” (D&C 42:22.)