My Mama Graduated!

Last week, I got to witness my Mama graduate from LPN school. Look at that mega-watt smile 😀


 My mama is definitely an inspiration to me. She is beautiful, loving, caring and very industrious. In addition to that, she is very smart and is full of wisdom. She has always taught us these words:                                                                     “Doing your best makes you a winner”

 Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”

Mama's Grad Group

She was one of the top students in her class and she was also chosen to give the graduation speech. Let me tell you something… she was brilliant. She enunciated her words, took her time, and her speech was just awesome! She shared her experience of going back to school after raising 4 kids and being 50 something years old. Mama Speech

She also shared that It’s never too late to change your major or your career. My mom actually has her Bachelors degree in Accounting but has decided to switch to the medical field. She is now contemplating on branching to the RN program. 

Mama Nursing Pinning

This is a photo of my mom and her batch after the ceremony. She’s the tiny little lady on the very right 😉Mama's Batch

After the ceremony, my mom was overwhelmed with so much love and support from her friends that Papa had to creep in for a hug… and Brian just had to photo bomb that sweet moment haha

Mama and Papa collage

Papa may or may not have a tear or two. He has been such a supportive husband to my mom. One thing that I admire about my parents is that they share each other’s accomplishments. You can tell how proud he was of my mom. It’s the sweetest thing. I mean just look at them… I just wanna hug them!Mama and Papa

Another sweet deal about my mom’s graduation is that my grandma (Apo) was there to witness her daughter graduate. Apparently when Mama first graduated, it was just a nightmare. Mama Apo

I am thankful for the way my Mama has raised me up. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know the value of money or the meaning of hard work. When we were younger, Papa had to work abroad to support our family. Mama stood strong and raised all four of us by herself. That itself is an accomplishment worthy of recognition.
Happy Mama

In behalf of my mama, thank you for all your love and support.

I love you Mama