Fall is here, Live well

It’s FALL season!

As much as I love the summertime, autumn is just as beautiful and as fun. I very much look forward to…

smiley Playing Croquet

Fall with the SImpsons

mushroomCamping which also means SMORE’S time and bonfire

Camp Tent Camping Brian Grace

Rolling Pumpkin emoticon (Halloween Smileys)Pumpkin on everything

Pumpkin everything

hiThis also means EXTRA cuddling time

Goldendoodle Puppy cuddle

And of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas is almost here!

 happy holidays

Well, I better calm myself down and just maybe sip on some hot chocolate. xoxo, Grace


Valentine’s Around the Corner

Love is in the air ❤carlellie2

Valentine’s around the corner & since I’m a hopeless romantic,  I’m all about this holiday. Last year, I didn’t get to write about our very first Valentine’s as a married couple so for the next few days, I will share our 14 Days of Valentines. 

DSC_0694For the first day of Valentine’s, I had this note saying: “On the first day of Valentine’s I want you to know you are the best. Today you get a full body massage. Come on in, lay down & take a rest!”

DSC_0704Imagine getting a massage here!massage

xoxo, Grace

Our Growing Family (Reunion)

We are the Senador family.senadorThese are my siblings.


This is my own little family.

BG Tree

This is my family in 1999.


This is my family in 2006


This is my growing family in 2010… (Jared not pictured due to 2-year mission)


And this year, we get to be together again. It’s going to be a huge family reunion!!! This year, all my family living in America & all of Brian’s family (except the Desha family) will be gathered together to celebrate lots of things from Christmas, Papa’s birthday to Endownments at the temple.


❤ I love my family ❤