Living Room Inspiration: Light Blue Walls

Hello pretty people! Well, it’s official…I have actually found it fun to shop atΒ Lowe’s & Home Depot! Owning your own home definitely gives you a different perspective & I’m learning SO MUCH from our home improvement journey. Right now, we’re inspired to start with our living room with maybe light blue walls.

A Seaside Living Room- Pale Blue Walls with White Trim

Seaside Living Room- Pale blue wall White trim

Nautical themed Living RoomNautical Living Room

James Andrew’s Light Blue Living RoomJames Andrew Living Room

Light Blue Accent WallBlue Accent Wall

Light Blue Gallery WallBlue Gallery Wall

So… yay or nay??? We definitely LOVE the color blue & would love to somehow incorporate it in our house. We just have to be careful that whatever blue we pick won’t look like a granny blue hehe πŸ˜€


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