My Couponing Journey

These past couple of weeks I’ve challenged myself to learn how to coupon so we can start saving for our future home, future kids, etc. After watching the show, Extreme Couponing, I couldn’t help but feel that I can do it too! Here’s my couponing journey so far…


Initial Total: $32.84 Paid: $10.76 That’s 67% savings! Plus I got $6 cash back because I forgot to use a coupon last time.


Initial Total: $29.63 Paid: $12.17 59% Savings



Initial Total w/ tax:$74.71 Paid: $18.54 That’s 75% savings! I was so excited because I got those Samabazon drinks for FREE!


Saved 79%  Paid w/o tax: $1.36 FREE OLIVES!!!

I still have more to learn but I think I’m making some progress. I definitely have to give a shout out to Sarah for being so awesome for giving me some of her time to teach & help me start my couponing journey!


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