Wedding Decor Tips

Hey there peoples! Carissa here (Grace’s sister), just visiting to drop off some tips on how to make your wedding day more personal.

1. Share your memories/adventures. Instead of using professional pictures to display at the reception, use pictures of you and your fiance’s adventures together. My then fiance, now husband even made little descriptions and some guests even walked around to read them all.

2. Be creative! The burlap banners added a great personal feel to our reception- and it’s great to see your own creations being used!

3. Play with words. Post signs- teamwork by hubby, Papa, and sister (also a great excuse to bond with new family members)

4. Culture: FILIPINO and AMERICAN FOOD! Sis and I are white-boy-marrying-filipinas so there was no doubt that we would mesh the two at both of our weddings!

5. Wedding Favor. My parents used these kind of fans to keep us cool during hot nights in the Philippines- brings back memories and great as party favors also.

Hope these tips will inspire you to make your wedding more memorable 🙂


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