Beach Wedding: N+D

These past couple of years, our family has been growing. The Senador clan have added the Simpson & the Bales family & we couldn’t more ecstatic about it. I LOVE FAMILIES! Recently, my aunt got married & I just want to share a couple of sweet moments from their beach wedding since my sister & my cousin (aunt’s daughter) were not able to come. We will definitely have to do a big reunion someday!

First of all, there were a lot of doubts the morning of the wedding. There was a storm & we didn’t know if we were still pursuing the wedding. But, I suppose when it comes to love, it doesn’t really matter whether it rains or shine.

Look at that happy face 🙂

It was a simple & joyful event for all of us. They just complement each other so well.

At the end, Mother Nature cooperated with us. It was like she held an umbrella on top of us because it was pouring everywhere else– no joke.

Then, for the reception? We had breakfast at the Beachcomber. No clean up. Just celebration with all of their loved ones.

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