Always Look Ahead and Above Yourself

I was flipping through Netflix trying to find something worthwhile to watch and this caught my attention:

Right from the beginning, I was inspired by Mr. Jiro Ono’s perspective in life. I don’t necessarily want to make sushi but his work ethic is astounding that it made me want to be like him.

This movie somehow brought me back to the simpler days when we lived in the Philippines. I remember growing up, we didn’t really have any toys. Jared & I would play with tin cans, stick & dirt. The closest thing I had to a doll was a torn up one-eyed teddy bear & I named her Jennifer. Then I think it was in pre-school, everyone would have a full lunch with juice box, sandwiches & little snackies. I had bread & water for lunch. On some days, I had peanut butter with my bread. That was it but I was happy & content.

I don’t remember ever complaining about school or work either. We woke up before the sun was up, went to school until late, had one hour of TV, did our HW then went to sleep to the same thing the next day. Thoughts of vacations/ getaways were not really in my vocabulary since we couldn’t afford it anyways. I just did what I was supposed to & tried my best to do well whatever it was.  I remember telling myself that I can be ANYTHING, if I just put my all into it. I truthfully believed that. I was happy & motivated.

Somewhere growing up, I sort of lost that belief. I’m not sure if anyone feels the same way but you started feeling like you just have to settle with whatever is in front of you.  You start using words you swore you’d never say when you grow up: “I’m too busy”, “That’s impossible “, “That was just a stupid dream”. Well NO MORE!

Take every opportunity to “Always look ahead and above yourself. Always try to improve on yourself. Always strive to elevate your craft” because in the end, you are your own success. 

I ABSOLUTELY recommend this movie. I hope you will feel inspired as I did.

Have a wonderful day!


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