Happy Father’s Day!

It has been a crraazzzyyy week for my family. Lots and lots of love I tell you!

For Father’s day this year, I am blessed to have two awesome fathers in my life. I mean just look at these handsome men…

My father-in-law & my Papa

Thank you soooo much for all of your love and support.

Papa, I admire your hard work & your laughter. You never cease to make everyone smile & laugh whenever they are around you. You don’t even have to tell a joke & everyone thinks you are funny. You are so generous & so willing to serve others. I’m so glad that we have gotten closer & I look forward to having you babysit our kids (someday). 

Dad, I admire your patience & your ability to make me feel like your own daughter. I love how I can easily call you “Dad”. I admire your sincerity, your faith & your calm demeanor. I love your creativity & I look forward to sharing some of my favorite hobbies with you like photography. Thank you so much for welcoming me to the family with open arms. I look forward to cooking more Filipino food for you & Mom and visiting more often.

Brian, I look forward to our future with little munchkins running around. I will probably be in love with you all over again especially when you hold our first baby. You are going to be the best daddy in the whole world and I will get to witness it! Thank you for all your love & effort into making our marriage a blast. It may not always be sunshine but with great love & appreciation for each other, there will always be rainbow after rain. I truly appreciate the small gestures. You are still the bomb-diggity. 

Love, Grace 

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