Off to Ten I See

You’d think after travelling back & forth from east to west coast for about 2 years, I’d be an expert at packing. I seem to want to bring my whole house when I pack. Oh my my…

Well, Mr. Simpson & I are in Tennessee visiting the in-laws for Memorial weekend. This time we get to hang out with Jenny, John, and Lily as well. Yay! 

It’s crazy to think that about a year ago, Brian & I were about 6 months engaged and now, we will be celebrating our {one year} in 2 months. Here are a couple of recaps from our last year’s trip…

This was when I got to play with my new Nikon camera

Brian & I went furniture shopping last year. We got a pretty good deal on these bad boys 🙂


Hiking trip with the in-laws

The tower where Brian proposed to me… where our future began 🙂

Tyler & his date ❤
And… Brian & I woke up one morning with this view…crazzzyyy huh? I wonder if Chelsea would do something artistic with this…hmmm…


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