Tuesdays with Brian: Let’s Hug It Out

I’ve been in a weird funk today and knowing myself a little bit I knew what I had to do…

1) I had to surround myself with people who will give lots of hugs & hellos. Thanks to the youth in our ward, I don’t ever have to worry about lacking in that department. I really do love my calling.


Did you know???

2) Change my outfit. Sometimes, it’s amazing how switching your PJs to some nice shirt & jeans can change your mood.

3) Get out of your house. This can really be hard to do when all you want is to just go to sleep to get the day over with. Luckily, Brian & I have met some pretty awesome people who actually like to hang out with us ( at least they’re really good at pretending like they like us). Thanks to Jason & Tina, we are now part of the Taco Tuesday crew @ T-Flats. Woohoo!

4) Turn on your music…

5) Lastly, count your blessings. Remind yourself with all the things you have and the many reasons why you should be happy. Make a list if you must!


I appreciate all of your hard work. You are a loving, caring, and industrious husband. I love how you don’t mind getting your hands dirty to provide for our family & for our future. Thank you for always holding my hand. 



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