Sunday Devotion: Bike Rides

Everyone please welcome my new friend, Kanoa!

Mr. Simpson surprised me with my early birthday gift this morning. I am sooo happy! I’ve been wanting to own a bike for the longest time and it’s finally here. THANK YOU SO MUCH HONEY! 

So, this morning Brian woke me up with raspberries everywhere while talking like Boomhauer. How could I possibly go back to sleep after all that??? Anyways, he told me to go put some pants on to get my birthday gift since I’ve been a good girl haha He’s been teasing me about my gift since last week & as much as I love surprises, I suck at being patient especially if I know that a surprise is coming.

So as we drove away, Brian asked me where I wanted to go. I was so confused and asked, “What?” He said, “We’re going to breakfast! Happy Birthday!”…… Yeah…. I had no idea what to say so I just smiled my pearly whites. He thought it’d be nice since we rarely get to have breakfast together. Then, he pretended to have forgotten his wallet & so he was going to pick up his paycheck from the warehouse. Lo & behold, a Huffy Cranbrook 26” Ladies’ Cruiser Bike came out from the warehouse!

I am so stoke! Brian is so good at spoiling me. I cannot wait to have lots of bike rides with you hubby dubby. You still rock my socks pretty boy!

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