Monday Melodies: Wilco

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Remember my surprise gift for Mr. Simpson and he was totally surprised & super stoke about it??? Well, it’s finally almost here! I’m talking about 2 DAYS… in two days, we will be witnessing one of Brian’s favorite band perform live on stage! So, I am honored to feature Wilco for this week’s Monday Melodies.

Of course I have to give credit to Brian for introducing Wilco to me. Not only do I love their music, I honestly fell in love first with their cover albums & posters. Here are some of my favorites so far…

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Anyways, see how obsessive their creativity is?

So, now indulge yourself with some of their tunes… cheers!

Make sure to check out their documentary as well “I’m Trying To Break Your Heart”

Fun facts:

WILCO stands for “Will Comply”

Nate Ruess of fun. expressed how Wilco inspired him at an interview with Rolling Stone:


Which poster/ cover did you like the most? Are you a Wilco fan? What are some of your favorite tunes from them?

See you soon Wilco!

xoxo B+G


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