Friday Fun Dates: Comedy Show

Mr. Simpson and I have a special place for comedy shows in our hearts. I remember the first comedy show we went to together was at the Comedy Zone with John Joseph & Johnny B  last October 2011 in a show called “A One Man Show wit 2 Guys”. They incorporated music & theater with comedy which made for an entertaining night.

Here’s a clip of John Joseph:

The second time we went back with Tita, Doug, Jordan & Carissa was last December 2011 for Mutzie‘s show. He has appeared on Showtime, Comedy Central & the last 6 season of BET’s Comic View.

Check him out:

Tonight, for our date night with Jim & Patti, we went out for dindin at Chili’s then came back to our house & watched “Them Idiots”  with Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy.

I hope you’ll remember to laugh out loud this weekend. Tomorrow, I get to hang out with my hubby— oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!

Mrs. Simpson

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