My Wish List

Most of the time I find myself talking to myself in my head when I eat, when I try to go to sleep, or when I’m just walking around my job. I must be very interesting to talk to or something…Anyways… sometimes, I have random thoughts of what I want to do or need to buy & then I just forget about it. So, I want to make my very own Wish List. Plus, this would really help when Christmas time comes…

  1. Vintage Dress
  2. Nude Shoes
  3. Black Shoes
  4. Pastel Dye Sticks
  5. Herbal Plant (Parsley, Thyme, Mint, Oregano, etc.)
  6. Kassia Meador Red on Blue Tuflite Longboard
  7. Camera Purse
  8. Edit & Print all my photos
  9. Make our Wedding Book
  10. Buy more Paint!
  11. Buy more canvas
  12. Lose about 10-15 lbs
  13. Live a healthier lifestyle
  14. Have scripture reading & family prayer every night
  15. Cook more breakfast for Brian
  16. Be on time.
  17. Learn Photography
  18. Go thrifting!
  19. Buy bridesmaid dresses
  20. Bamboo Cutting Board
  21. Really flowy skirt

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