In Memory of Stumpey: 09/2011- 05/2012

I still remember Brian coming home from one of his Boy’s nights with Stumpey for a surprise. That night, our family became a trio.

  1. He might not have talked much but he was definitely a friendly creature.
  2. He waved his fin “Hello” to whoever wanted to greet him.
  3. He lived a rock star life too. Eventually, he upgraded from a little bowl to a little aquarium (Thanks to Ammon)
  4. His priceless possession was his crib, The Stump.
  5. He enjoyed eating but Mr. Spoon was not his friend

Then, Sunday morning of May 6, 2012, hubby woke me up and said “Honey, I have some bad news”. I thought he was going to say we ran out of milk or something… “Stumpey’s dead”. My heart broke into pieces & I was in denial… I’ve never been a fan of death but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Brian asked me if we should flush him down the toilet… call me a weirdo but it didn’t seem right to me…

And so, we headed up to Mickler’s Beach & buried him there with his Stump. From now on, I know what spot to go to for tanning & I feel a little better knowing that Stumpey will watch Brian when he goes surfing at the beach.


The Stump

RIP: Stumpey


Brian & Grace

 PS: This reminded me of Torque’s Funeral in July 2009 with my 202 Roomies…



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