Summer Lovin’

Feelin’ oh so bright & jolly right now! I know it’s still Spring but I’m just excited for Summer so I need to…

I want to make this Flower Crown

I need to stay away from technology & play outside more

I want to hang out here

Let’s play in the field

Maybe even have a picnic at the beach

Let’s take a road trip Brian!

Definitely want to go to a fair!

I want to have lots of  jam session


This is how I feel right now!

Let’s go sailing

Have a little rendezvous with my lover 😉

Sip some lemonada

Eat more fruit kabobs

“I like long walks at the beach”

Play croquet with the family!

This is how my husband looks like… how can you not fall in love?

AHHH! I want this.

“Don’t worry, be happy”

Take lots & lots more pictures

Have a lot of BBQ gathering

I want to melt winter in my mouth

Let’s play silly games 🙂

So so true

Good morning ❤

I want to go on lots of roadtrips

Let’s make sand angels

Let’s welcome summer with open arms

Bring your own Sunshine!

Someday, we’ll have our own little surfing family

This is my new obsession. I REALLY WANT THIS BADLY! Kassia Meador

Hope you’re as excited as I am about the summer sunshine. I’m beaming just thinking about my hippie self under the sun. Well, my hubby is trying to get my attention. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Lovely, Grace


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