Happy 24th Birthday! (Part 2)

OH BOY! OH BOY! OH BOY!!!!!!!!

So about two weeks ago, my handsome husband turned 24 and of course I had to make a fiesta about it. Arrrriiibbaaaa! I had tons of ideas & although some of them fell through, somehow everything just fell into place and Brian was happy which made for a happy wifey 🙂

Unfortunately, he had to work on his birthday & it turned out to be a pretty rough one too. So, I took this as a motivation to REALLY make the rest of his day super awesome to the point that he would even forget about his horrible day and instead party like a rockstar.

Since it was his birthday, I thought might as well let him decide what he wants to do. So, I asked him a bunch of random questions and he was a good sport about it & went along with my crazy scheme.

  • Up or down? Up
  • 5, 10, 15, 20, 25? 15
  • Fast or slow? Slow
  • Hot or cold? Cold
  • Sweet, sour or spicy? Sweet
  • Small, medium or large? Small

 So, here’s the situation… I called him on my way out from work to “dress UP”. Then, I gave him a quarter to use as our GPS and told him that we could go anywhere as long as it was within 15 miles from our house. Heads: Right| Tails: Left

Out of all the restaurants around town, Golden Corral was the lucky winner of having the privilege of having the Simpsons for dinner.

As we talked & ate A LOT, I kept trying to figure out how to surprise him with his birthday gift and Brian actually got a little bit anxious too because he started asking me about it. Good thing, I was able to whip something up on the spot. Since I brought my camera & my purse, we decided to take shifts to guard our belongings while the other goes out to get food. When he came back…

Grace: “Honey, can you get me some napkins please?”

As I pretend to have smeared on my hand, he reached out for the napkin holder and…


I got us concert tickets to see Wilco on May 16th at the St Augustine Amphitheater. Wilco is one of Brian’s all- time favorite band and it’ll be both our first time to go see them live. It’s pretty rare that they travel down South or at least anywhere around Jacksonville so, this is a pretty momentous event. I was so pleased when I saw Brian’s surprise/ happy face- it’s just priceless 🙂

But… the celebration wasn’t over yet! We spontaneously stopped by Best Buy to get Wilco’s latest CD: The Whole Love

Then we got home, I asked Spencer (Brian’s cousin & BFF) if he could dance for Brian and he said yes—I seriously love the family I married into. Thanks Spencer for doing this!

I hope you enjoyed your birthday honey as much as I had fun planning it. Mahal Kita!


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