Stylin’ Saturday: Haircut with Lindsey

Last week, my husband was gone for his Wood Badge training & I wanted to do something to surprise him. Luckily, my hair was needing some lovin’ & so, I scheduled with Lindsey to make me “sexy” for the hubby 😀 My hair was just total chaos. The split ends we’re starting to come out, my hair felt heavy & my hair was losing its volume. Plus, I lost my hairbrush and so for about five straight days, I didn’t brush my hair. I suppose I could have pulled an Ariel…

Thank goodness, Lindsey was able to fit me in her schedule & I was saved! On a side note, she did my wedding hair & it was fabulous! Wouldn’t you trust your hair to a hottie like her too??? 🙂

Anyways, Brian LOVES my new haircut & I love it too! Not only does my hair feel lighter, I can style it easier now. Thanks to my little hairstyle research which I posted earlier, “Hairstyle for Round Faces” I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.

Also, I need to get me some curling wand…

Alright… now that I have blogging out of my system… I REALLY need to stop procrastinating this paper. AAHHH!

I hope you guys are having a super Saturday!



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