Tuesdays with Brian: Pillow Talk

Last night was probably one of the best nights. Brian made me laugh sooooooooooooo hard, my back, my tummy & my whole face hurt like crazy! It was like a scene from PS I Love You…this is generally what it looked like with Brian singing the never-ending song he learned from his Wood Badge training. I seriously could not stop laughing!

One of my favorite thing about being married is being able to cuddle in bed with my husband. No dirty thoughts allowed here.  I honestly love being able to talk about our day, about any issues or concerns, telling jokes or just simply sharing our random thoughts. Most of all, I love our tickle fights! I can’t wait to someday have our own place with more than one bedroom so that we’ll have more space to run around & play our silly games 🙂

Another little tradition that I love is when we ask each other this question: “What’s your favorite part of the day?” It’s nice because it gives us an opportunity to think about our day & to help us realize that there is always something good in everyday.

I want to know…

What’s your favorite part of the day?

Do you have anything special or tradition you like to do before you hit the hay?

Would you buy one of these Cuddle Mattress?

Stay Graceful

PS: Make sure to FOLLOW my blog & write your comments here rather than on Facebook so we can build a closer relationship here. Who knows maybe one of these days, once I get enough followers, I’ll start throwing some giveaways here and there 🙂


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