Belated Happy 31st Anniversary!

 Yesterday marked my in-laws’ 31st Anniversary. How wonderful is that?!

I would like to take this moment to let Mom & Dad know how much I love them & how thankful I am for letting a weirdo like me into their family 🙂

 Even from the first time we met, you welcomed me with open arms & accepted me the way I am. I love how you still take time to hug & kiss each other even in front of us. It reminds me that you’re never too old for lovey dovey ❤

Brian says: “Thank you for being such a great example. I love you.” 

We look forward to more road trips to Tennessee, for more hiking trips with the whole gang, our non- stop Bohnanza games, for eating lots of more food, and for many more memories to come!

Happy (Belated) 31st Anniversary Mom & Dad!


Brian & Grace


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