Tuesdays with Brian: “Grace of Mine”

I love hanging out with my husband.

He’s seriously the coolest kid on the block. 

Tonight, we had Taco Tuesday in the Simpson Shack and as usual my eyes were hungrier than my tummy. Lucky me, tacos are one of Brian’s favorite meal and he actually helped me make this yumminess 🙂

Then after our dindin, Brian took me on surprise mini- date. First, we went to the theater to (finally) get refunds for our midnight showing of Hunger Games (I know… what the heck are we thinking right?) Well, turns out Brian has that Wood Badge training again so, midnight showing we’ll have to wait another movie. But we got our $$$ back plus, now we’re going to see it at the IMAX theater which makes it totally worth the wait! Afterwards, we stopped by Yogurt Co which we used to go often when we were dating. We love the Taro flavor & their Mochi.

On another topic besides food… one of the things that caught my attention to Brian when we were still in the Youth program was his vocal pipes. I suppose you could say I fell in love with his voice first before he even knew I existed. Ssshhhhhh…. 🙂

Here’s one for you to enjoy.

“Grace of Mine”: Brian Simpson

This was written about two years ago when Brian worked in Oregon & I was totally on the other side of the coast. This song means a lot to me and it always gives me the “gooseys” whenever I listen to it.

Goodnight world,




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