Creative Thursday: Egg Carton Thread Organizer

Tonight, I am hanging out with Layla (my sewing machine) while the husband does his own thing as well.

One thing that I’ve learned in our marriage (at least) is that sometimes it’s okay to do things that we like on our own. I don’t expect Brian to go Zumba with me & Brian doesn’t expect me to go surfing with him. I had a hard time with this at first but I think I’m finally coming around to it. Of course we still love hanging out with each other!

I’ve heard that sometimes in a marriage, some people lose their identity… and I don’t want that to happen to me or Brian at all. It’s important that each of us remember who we are and to keep some personal goals for ourselves like learning how to sew 🙂

Speaking of… tonight I want to share a way to organize your thread spools. I try to be green as much as I can so, when I saw this empty Styrofoam egg carton, I immediately felt guilty and decided to make something out of it.


Egg Carton

Paint/ Paint brush 

(I used Chalkboard paint so I can write whatever I want on it later on)

Painting in progress…

… and DONE!!!

“It’s so easy, a caveman can do it!” 

Tomorrow is Friday!

❤ Grace


2 thoughts on “Creative Thursday: Egg Carton Thread Organizer

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