Hairstyle for Round Faces

My hair is getting really long and the splitends are starting to come out of their shell which means it’s time for a haircut! Brian loves my long hair so, short locks is not even an option for me. Besides I have a round face so, I really have to be careful if I ever do short hair again. The last time I really took a risk was when I was in high school.

AΒ few inspirations…

I love the waves, the layers and how it shapes her face plus this will elongate my round face.

I’m a fan of Mila Kunis and this hairstyle andΒ how the layers start below the chin.

I kind of like this too. I don’t how this would look on me because of the bangs.. do I dare try it? <eeekkk!> Go Asians!!!

Anyways, how do you think I should cut my hair?Β Maybe I’ll just leave it to Lindsey πŸ™‚

How about you…is it time for a fresh new look… a brand new you?

/ Grace \Β 

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