Monday Melodies- Ben Harper

Welcome to our very first Monday Melodies!

It would almost be a sin for me if I don’t do my first feature on the amazing and unbelievably talented singer- songwriter,  Ben Harper. Seriously, words can’t even describe  his pure skills in guitar and his vocal pipes. 

I suppose you could say- I have quite a crush… borderline infatuation for this lovely man.


What’s the 411?

Name: Benjamin Chase Harper


Birthplace: Claremont, CA

Instruments: Slide Guitars/ Vocals

Genre: Folk, Blues, Hard rock, Country, Jazz, Raggae( these are just few of the genres he has dived into)

Fun Fact: He grew up in a musical family. His grandparents, Charles & Dorothy Chase owns a music store in Claremont, CA called The Claremont Folk Music Center.

 When Brian & I were dating, we had the privilege of attending one of Ben Harper’s concert in Jacksonville and oh boy we were blown away! It’s one of my FAVORITE and FONDEST memory of our date nights. I can still remember looking over at Brian with his eyes closed and just singing along with Ben. It was just perfect.

Since Ben Harper was a big part of our relationship, we knew exactly what song we were going to dance to for our First Dance.

The song is called “Forever” by Ben Harper. I can’t seem to find a music video for it but there’s a lot of videos from his live concerts.


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