Best Jobs for Momsies

                  As I try to figure out my career path, I try my best to research every possibility & every option I have. With more women on the working field, I’m grateful for all the options we are given. But at the same time, when you have an undecisive women like me because she wants to do EVERYTHING, who also plans to have a family someday, then we have a little issue. My husband & I have talked about this countless of times & we’ve made it crystal clear that our family & most especially our future children will ALWAYS be our top priority. Thank goodness for such a loving, patient & supportive husband!

                  With that said, I do believe that mothers/ women should aspire to educate themselves as much as they can. You never know what the future will hold, we always have to be prepared—-For “if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear” (D&C 38:30).Plus, children need mothers who can teach them & motivate them to acquire constant knowledge in their lives.

So, I decided to make a list of The Best Jobs for Momsies” since I’m trying to figure out my career path anyways & hopefully this will help me decide on a career path that could also accomodate my needs once we start expanding our family. Note that some of them are side jobs & others are full time.

  • Interior Designer. If you have a way with frames, fabric and fabulousness, working for yourself as an interior designer is a great way to take control of your time while making the world (or at least wealthy people’s homes) a more beautiful place.
  • Photographer. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, pet birthdays — these are all things you can capture on film and make memories for your clients, and cash money for you.
  • Web Developer. Everybody has a website, and you can be the person to make them pretty and functional. Do your job right and your mad web skills will be in demand all over town.
  • Registered Nurse. Pretend you’re on “Grey’s Anatomy” and romanticize your day job. But don’t forget that nurses are in high demand, and you can potentially make your own hours here. So you’ll have more time to watch “Grey’s Anatomy.” Although there are a lot of people who go to nursing school for four years and end up with a Bachelor’s Degree, it’s actually possible to earn a decent living with just a two-year degree in nursing.
  • Nutritionist. Teaching people how to be healthy is a growth industry. Luckily, most people have to be reminded over, and over and over again, so your clients will be endless.
  • Etsy Seller/Artist. Now is your chance to market your wall hangings, t-shirt dresses, artsy photographs or bookshelves (see above) and actually make some cash. The one-of-a-kind market is yours to dominate. Just don’t forget to put a bird on it.
  • Pharmacist. Put those chemistry classes to work, and get a job behind the counter of your local drug store. Regular hours in health care with a good paycheck equals great mom job.
  • Teacher. Summer breaks, early days that match your child’s schedule, and all of those adorable Christmas presents. Who says being a teacher isn’t rewarding anymore?
  • Yoga Instructor. Hang out at a yoga studio and find out how to become one of those uber-flexible instructors you’re in awe of. You’ll be so blissed out at the end of the day you won’t notice the spaghetti on the wall.
  • Party Planner. While not everyone is Martha Stewart, we’ve all had to organize an event, or step in to help out at a fundraiser. Why not put those mom skills to work and create a unique style that clients can only get from you?
  • School Administrator. Fulfill your teenage dream of being the boss of everyone and work on the other side of the desk at school. If you go private, never underestimate the value of the tuition break.
  • College Professor. Be all intellectual and stuff while educating the youth of the world. Again, did you say “tuition break”?
  • Dance Instructor. Before you hang up your toe shoes, consider what you can give back to your local community. From ball room to ballet, you can make the world a more graceful place for only a few hours per week.
  • Dental Hygienist. This is one of the best jobs that you can get with a two-year Associates Degree. There are both online and campus-based  schools for people who want to get a degree to become a dental hygienist. Just make sure you can negotiate time off if your next pregnancy results in crazy morning sickness. Inside someone’s mouth is not where you want to be when the nausea arrives. But this high-paying and in-demand job can be a great family-friendly find.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant. Many people who get two-year degrees opt to go into some area of medicine or health care. One top choice in terms of an annual salary is the two-year physical therapist assistant program
  • Homemaker. Nothing beats being a mother & being a wife- that’s for sure. Spending time with your children and being able to nurture them yourselves and not by some stranger, is long- time reward you can’t trade for anything. When it comes to financial matter, according to Forbes. com, “stay-at- home moms should earn a $115, 000 salary”. Impressive huh?

 So, what would you suggest are the best jobs for mothers?

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