I’m Sew Very Happy

(Photo courtesy of: LoveSugar at Etsy.com)        

         “I am sew very happy” and excited to learn more about sewing. Last night, I tried searching for sewing classes around where I live and sadly, it was almost non-existent. There were a couple of classes offered but they either didn’t fit in my schedule or have shut down their businesses. It was a little frustrating but I knew I had to keep searching if I really wanted to learn how to sew and achieve one of my NYR (New Year’s Resolution).

I started looking for online classes as an option then, I decided to visit one of my favorite blogs: “A Beautiful Mess”  (This is actually the blog that inspired me to refresh my blog and to write more and also to creatively challenge myself this year). This week, they are focusing on the basics of sewing and how to do basic seams and such and I couldn’t be more estatic about this!

(Photo courtesy of: www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com)

So, my next step from here is to:

  1. Look for a simple pattern/ project (e.g: apron, skirt)
  2. Get some fabrics (start with cotton or polyester)
  3. Get some threads and needles
  4. Sit down and DO IT!

Wish me luck 🙂


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