Fun Things To Do In Your Life Together

I found this pretty sweet idea  from Target: Club Wedd. I know I have previously made a bucket list but I like how this is specifically for couples.

  1. Build a fort in your living room
  2. Watch a Black & White movie marathon
  3. Do a home improvement project with your neighbor
  4. Build a tree house in your backyard
  5. Watch a meteor shower
  6. Perform a duet in public
  7. Play a complicated practical joke on your partner
  8. Make your own artisan cheese
  9. Have a spa day at home
  10. Have a food fight
  11. Camp out for concert tickets
  12. Walk everywhere for a day
  13. Play a game of flag football
  14. Throw a Black Tie dinner for two
  15. Apply Feng Shui to your house
  16. Perfect your guacamole- making skills
  17. Make a mix CD for each other
  18. Get lost on purpose
  19. Map your family tree
  20. Take dance lessons
  21. Write a note to your future grandchildren
  22. Go backyard bird watching
  23. Kidnap him for a play date in the park
  24. Go sky diving together
  25. Go on a health kick together
  26. Book a trip and travel in the same day
  27. Karaoke while you cook
  28. Cook everything from A-Z
  29. Go skinny-dipping
  30. Go hiking & camp out
  31. Play “tag” at the beach
  32. Play hide-and- seek
  33. Carve your initials to a tree
  34. Have a morning/ late night picnic
  35. Go to a drive-in movie
  36. Take lots of  photobooth pictures
  37. Start collecting something together (vinyl albums, rocks, etc.)
  38. Dance together for no reason
  39. Go on a helicopter ride
  40. Take a weekend trip to a nearby location
  41. Give back to your community
  42. “Tent Reading Time” (TRT)

Stay tuned for more ideas!

Do you have any fun & unique ideas we can add to this list??? Feel free to share it with all of us! I know I’m always open for more  ideas 🙂

One thought on “Fun Things To Do In Your Life Together

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