Sara Willis Photography

       Yesterday, Brian and I had our engagement session with Ms Sara Willis and her wonderful assistant/ best friend Kelsey. It was pretty fun and laid back. I can’t even express how excited I am to see the outcome of it!

Kelsey and Sara
       We originally planned on starting at 10 am but Brian’s laundry was still in the dryer and I still had to pluck  my eyebrows. So, we moved it to 11 and even then I don’t think we started until it was 12 because Sara and Kelsey were cool enough to help Brian and I pick our outfits for the session.
       Weather- wise, it was a gloomy day. Mr. Sunshine hid behind the thick gray clouds and the Rainy Tracy decided not to pour either but eventually I actually liked the overcast weather.
        So, we decided to hit up St Augustine beach first. And because of the weather, it was pretty empty compared to the usual jam-packed sunny, tanning, surfing, swimming people at the beach. The wind was strong but nothing was going to stop us from doing the session anymore not even the rain! haha
Castillo de San Marcos

      Anyway, we’re going to have to wait for when the photos are done so I can actually talk about the pictures. But pretty much I believe we did about 800 or so photos just at the beach then about 200 more when we stopped by Mango Mango’s, Stir it Up, and St Augustine downtown.

The Love Tree

       Before we went to d-town, Brian took us all for lunch at Pizzalleys. And because of the weather (and spring break), everyone was at St Augustine d-town. There were so many people that we got to seat upstairs and it felt like we were on a road trip. It was pretty sweet.

       At downtown, since there were so many people, we didn’t stay there for that long. We headed towards the Castillo de San Marco. I love my town! It has so much history and I think it’s romantic minus the tourist. We showed them the infamous Love tree as well. Then we went to ride the carousel and took a couple of pictures playing in the playground.
       We were planning to do a paint fight but because I’ve neglected to buy paint and we we’re running out of time, we decided to call it a day.
    Overall, it was fun (at least for me). We probably exhausted Sara and Kelsey but they were definitely a good sport. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and assistant. Thank you so much for your patience and help as we move forward towards the big day. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone.
     Please check out to see some of her work.

I’m not sure if Sara knows this but we actually had this photo published on a wooden photo panel. I used it as a gift to Brian when he was still in Oregon. It has definitely helped us through some tough times. 
Once again,


3 thoughts on “Sara Willis Photography

  1. Whaaaaat? This whole post made me completely happy:) You're the best, Grace!And, I had a blast, too! Y'all were so much fun, and one of the easiest couples I've had to work with! You guys were great:)

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