Blogging is pretty much a necessity tonight as I lay here in bed trying to get some sleep. Tomorrow morning, I will be working for our CEO so, I definitely will have to be up and going bright and early. 

I have FINALLY finished the Hunger Games trilogy!
       The third and last book, the Mockingjay was rather depressing yet captivating. It has kept me up all night because it was either too sad/ gory and I didn’t dare go to sleep and have it be part of my dreams- more like nightmares, or it was way too good to put down. Either way, there is definitely a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of sadness and rejoice as well. I have read a book! It’s been sooo long since I have actually read a book page to page. I literally have taken that book every where I went (as in everywhere, you name it). 
So, by finishing the book—–a book, I feel pretty sweet. With that note, I do feel a little bit sad knowing that that was the last book. Now, I am left assuming and making up the rest of the story in my head and have to move on to another plot and characters. However, I do like how the end was happy. I would tell you about it but then I would’ve just spoiled the story. But, I just can’t help and feel sad. Maybe it’s because of the ending too. I don’t know. Anyway, so now I am released from that trilogy and I can focus on finishing my next book— The Book of Mormon

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