You’ve got the Power


My little sissy just created her own blog. Woohooo!
She is also coming home for Spring break on the 8th and I am way way estatic about it. I suppose she can spend the night in my room if she wants to.

        This will just be a short blog. 
        In times of doubts, confusion, and discouragement ( along with other negative, miserable things Satan wants us to feel). It is really hard to see the bigger picture nor your capability to alter your perspective towards hope.  
        Sometimes, I feel it’s okay to feel down. Otherwise we’ll never know how good it feels to feel content and happy. We must strive… YOU must strive to get out of that blackhole IMMEDIATELY! Start counting your blessings and think about the good things in your life. 
           Turn to your Father in heaven and trust him with all your might, mind, and strength. READ your scriptures. I know these are primary answers but I seriously cannot stretch and emphasize enough how true and real the power of prayer and scriptures are in words. I have recently challenged myself to read the Book of Mormon and I honestly feel I have FINALLY commence my point of return towards our Heavenly Father. It has given me purpose in life and motivation to reach my highest potential as a daughter of God
Don’t worry. Be happy.

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