Rain or Shine E-Session

      I received a message from Sara saying that it might rain on Tuesday, which is when we have re-re-rescheduled our engagement session.

      Brian is my dreamy surfer stud (you can throw up a little, I understand) and so, he frequently checks the weather for surf reports. He says that most forecast are not necessarily trustworthy. He especially thinks it’s bogus when they forecast a 50% chance of rain. So, I thought this would be a pretty sweet opportunity to do my research once again. Brian and I agreed to keep our scheduled session. If it rains, then we’ll make the best out of it. I almost wish it would rain- it’ll be a fun experience I think. Like Sara said, “Hello cute umbrella pictures” Once again, I am stoke!
  • First stop, I love this musical.
  • I couldn’t make this list without The Notebook, of course.
  • Hotness.
  • Just a couple more of engagement ideas
Great Gatsby
  • Instead we can use Brian’s truck for this one.
A Lot Like Love
Is this creative or what?
  •  This will probably be Brian’s reaction after all these wedding stuff he has to do.

2 thoughts on “Rain or Shine E-Session

  1. Grace! You are so fun and creative in your ideas! It must have have taken you SO much time finding all these pictures! I bet you guys had a BLAST in your own session. That's so awesome that you're so giddy and enjoying everything so much! 🙂

  2. Hi Laura!Finding the photos wasn't too bad. I think the hardest part is choosing which ones to post on my blog. I enjoyed gathering these ideas. I hope I can help someone else with these ideas. I love reading your updates about you and your family especially the little one. So, adorable!

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