Engagement Session Inspiration

Brian and I are blessed to have the opportunity to work with Sara Willis on the 29th of March, we are FINALLY doing our engagement session. Yay! I’m super stoke. Not only do I adore her, the whole session just tickles my fancy. As I was trying to gather up ideas, I figured I might as well blog about it. So here it goes….
Mango Mango’s Restaurant
Stir It Up Restaurant
Etsy.com: Papercutsbyjoe
  • We  love St Augustine Beach, specifically A Street. It’s a pretty chill place. We have definitely spent our summer days bumming around here when we can. 
  • I’m thinking we could bring a bike and cruise around a bit.
  • I love these vintage shots from http://ruffledblog.com/vintage-beach-engagement-session/ 
  • We love flying kites! 
  • Oh YES please!!! I definitely want a shot like this one Sara! 🙂
This is HOT
Park: Treaty Park/ Anastasia Park

  • Picnic at beach or at the park? What do you think?
  •  Brian and I are Scrabble Maniacs!
  • We like to play hoops too sometimes.
  • We have a carousel downtown by the public library. I’ve always wanted to ride it and just take pictures. Bucketlist I suppose. haha
  • Brian and I love to sing. Although I think he’s much better than I am. I do treasure the songs he made/ serenade for me. 
Water Balloon Fight
Paint Fight
And alas! Those are my findings. I had fun looking through these ideas. I can’t wait for our turn. Woohoo! If you have anymore suggestions. Please feel free to comment/ suggest. 

3 thoughts on “Engagement Session Inspiration

  1. Ha! Number one: I have the same bird-y layout for my page (my normal "Sara" page, not my photog. page)Number two: Um, all of these ideas are amazing/adorable/I'm SO excited! I love the picnic idea. I'm digging the beach. Are y'all gonna be in regular clothes or beachy/swimwear-ish clothes?The finale- I think both of those are cute! I think the paint would be much cuter, and colorful (obviously! Ha), but the water balloons would be more camera friendly. But, I still think I'm digging the paint fight more. Do we have a record store? Or records we could play with, and use in a shoot?Do we have a tandem bike? Ha.Scrabble- would that be… during the picnic? I think that would be cute.I love the carousel idea! I think I mentioned that to you already. Ha.These are a lot of props going on. I love them! Do you want to do the whole session just kinda going with the flow, doing whatever/going wherever seems right? Or, do you want to have it schedule out, doings things in order?Let me know! I'm stoked! 🙂

  2. AAHH!I know I am super excited about our session. The main thing I think all of us should remember, especially me is that the main goal is for all of us TO HAVE FUN and be able to portray that in the photos.I seriously couldn't wait to hear what you think about my proposed ides and seems like we even have the same taste on the blog layout hahaSo, shall we start?1) I do LOVE the picnic idea and I couldn't decide whether to have it at the the park or at the beach because both of the setting is suitable for it. 2) For the beach photos, I wasn't sure either. I'm just so indecisive haha I think it would be fun to do a swimwear-ish clothes photoshoot but maybe for some other kind of photo session. So, maybe we'll wear something beachy clothes. I'll wear like a sundress, just something we can get wet in, you know? I really want a photo the HOT photo lol3)Paint it is! I'M ESTATIC! The issue is, where could we do it? I've been trying to think about this. Any suggestions?4) The only record store I know of is somewhere like in Mayport. I suppose we don't have to use like records we could use cassette tape/ boombox or something of that sort or even CDs and just write stuff on it. When Brian was on his mission, he sent me a couple of songs he wrote on a cassette tape :)5)Tandem bike. I still don't know anybody with a tandem bike just a pace to rent for like $50/ day. We can work with a regular bike thoughor one with a basket. One time Brian and I just cruised around the neighborhood while I sat infront of the bike. Twas pretty fun.6) Scrabble during picnic would be fun!7) Carousel. Yes.8) What do you think about the tent stuff? 9) So, I think we're pretty set on having part of the session at the beach, should we still go to a park and/or check out St Augustine dtown?Lastly, I think we can make like a rough draft of how we'll do it but I don't think it's necessary for us to strictly have a schedule. I know there are lots of props involve but we don't have to do all of them. I don't know:) I don't want to exhaust you or take advantage of your kindness. As I said before, I AM STOKE!

  3. my sister I miss you! 13 days weehoo! i cannot believe it!will I be there for your photoshoot?btw when the weather peeps say 50% chance of rain they mean it as a geographical thing instead of a yes or no thing so 50% of the area that that news station covers will definitely have rain but they can't predict where :)and also I suggest Downtown st. aug and the beach for bri as locations!

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