Wonderful Sabbath

OK. I don’t even know where to start. I thought my Sabbath was pretty boring until I tried to think about what I want to blog about. Now, I have way too many options. 1) Listening to Apo 2) Hunger Game 3)Baptism 4) Austin Pearce

1) Let her be


  •  As I woke up to start my day and get ready for church, my Apo had already cooked, cleaned, brushed her teeth/ dentures and such. As I tried to curl my hair and so did her stories commence. She told me stories and expressed her feelings, went back and forth from a box full of clothes then back to me to ask whether or not I liked any of them. Then, she asked in the cutest way that whenever I have some time, if I could buy her three $5 phone cards so that she can call the Philippines. Her finding joy in simple things is truly a humble example to me. Anyways, I’ve learned in my Nursing class that some elderly people love to talk. My grandmother happens to be that way and the best thing you can do is to just listen. And so I did. I just let her talk and talk and sometimes she repeatedly herself. It was actually entertaining. Of course there were some times when I wanted to comment but I held my tongue and just let her have the floor. Also, not that I’m blaming her or anything but I was late for church because of our bonding time. I love it when she talks to me though. One of these days, I will surprise her to visit the Big Cross at the Mission. 
2) Tent Reading Time (TRT)


  • After church, Brian and I decided to read in a tent at the Bennion’s backyard/ paintball area. T’was sweet and so relaxing. I have to say that I loved it. I definitely want to do it more often! It was just me, Brian with the nature and the “The Hunger Games” book by Suzanne Collins and crushed Skittles.  But before we started reading, I received a voicemail message from saying that Brian and I have won a gift package. It sounds pretty sketchy but we’re going to check it out on Tuesday so we’ll see how things go. Anyways, we read up to four chapters and it’s actually pretty interesting. You should check it out. We were there for about an hour and half or so until it was time to go back to church for a baptism. 
  • I just want to say a quick not that I am a big fan of how Brian can make me laugh. He never ceases to put a smile on my face. I love him very much and I love playing silly games with him. No matter how much my mind plays with my heart, I know that if I keep my focus on what’s good with me and Brian and keep the Lord and the temple in our minds that we will be happy and we will overcome any trials and temptations. 
3) Baptism

  • The whole Bennion and Vance clan and of course me and Brian went to Tori King’s baptism. I have high respects for the converts of the gospel. My dad is one of them. If the missionaries hadn’t knocked on his door, my family and I wouldn’t have the gospel in our lives, our lives would make no sense for we wouldn’t have the knowledge of our purpose here on earth. The baptism was pretty powerful. There were a lot of people. The catch is, I have never met Tori. I was only there by association. However, that didn’t hinder me from feeling the Spirit. It was definitely a silent joyous celebration. As she entered the waters of baptism at age 18, she became the cleanest individual in the room/ ward. All of her sins were washed away and she is now forgiven, she has made a covenant to the Lord to Take upon his name, Always remember Him, Keep His commandments, and to Endure to the end. Such a sacred covenant between you and the Lord. I vaguely remember my baptism but I do wish I’d remember more other than running away when they had asked me to bear my testimony (I was a very shy girl). 
4) Austin Pearce
  • Lastly, I came home tonight to check my inbox and found an email from Austin Pearce. This is what he said, 
    “Taga-Guagua ka pala! Ano ba iyan! Kahapon ko lang nalaman. Sabi sa akin ni dating Bishop Calma nang bumisita sila. Kung nalaman mo na naassign ako dito sa inyo at hindi mo pa sinabi, lagot ka! Hindi kita kakausapin pagkauwi ko. Capampangan ka pala. Kaunti pa lang ang alam ko. Mahirap kasi pagaralan ang bagong wika.
    Anyways, kumusta ka na? May kamag-anak pa kayo dito? Saan pala kayo tumira noon nandito ka pa?”

    “You’re from Guagua?! What the heck! I just found out yesterday. The branch’s old bishop, Bishop Calma, came to visit from Virginia Beach. You knew that I was assigned here and you didn’t tell me, you’re in trouble! I will not talk to you when I get home. You’re Kapampangan. I only know a little bit right now. It’s hard to study a new language. 
    Anyways, how are you? Do you have any family members here? Where did you live when you were here?”

    I was soooo excited! See, Austin and I have known of each other when we were in the youth program. It wasn’t until Institute that we actually became friends and even closer friends when he got called to the Philippines! I didn’t think that his mission could/ would impact my life as much. When Austin told me that he was going to serve the Olongapo mission, I didn’t think that Guagua would be part of his mission so I never really bothered telling him that you know… I was born there and that we have family all over that place. It just never occurred to me I suppose. 
    Anyways, so I was born in Guagua and once upon a time, I use to speak Kapampangan fluently until my family and I had to move to the city due to the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. My mom was pregnant with Carissa then I believe, Jared was still a baby and I was about 3 years old. However, I can remember getting off the bus and ashes falling everywhere like rain. Since then, that dialect gradually faded away. I wish I had kept it though but at least I can still understand. 
    Ahhh! I keep getting off tangent. So, with this message I had received from Austin, I immediately replied and so hopefully I’ll get a reply from him asap. I told him that we do have family in Guagua and that I believe that it is time for my family to hear the gospel. I don’t expect any miraculous work from Austin but just the thought of having someone I know be so close to my family is a pretty awesome deal. I mean what a small world after all. I do pray that my family will open their hearts and listen to what the missionaries has to say. Also, to give Austin and his companion humility and strength to be able to send the Lord’s message to my family. I believe everything happens for a reason. I love missionary work and I’m proud of Austin and my brother, Jared for what they have accomplished according to the Lord’s will. 

    Sorry for the length of this blog. I know it’s longer than usual but I really just had a wonderful sabbath day that I just have to share it with the world!

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