Sweet Tooth Collage

Today, was a pretty exciting day for me at least. My body beat my alarm this morning, waking itself up at 7am (half an hour before I was supposed to) to drop off Morian to Seminary. From there, I was up the whole day, no NAPS at all! It’s quite an accomplishment for me at least.

I had my appointment at Bridals & More for sizing and it was such a sweet experience coming back there. I mean trying to find a modest dress in Florida is quite a task. However, this family owned business was very very optimistic and helpful. Seriously, as a bride I felt like I was a princess and that all my wedding planning will somehow work itself out. My worries were out the door. It was just me and THAT DRESS. I almost didn’t let go of it. Every time I would try it on, I wore it as long as I could. I never thought that this dress would be the one. I mean I’ve done my fair share of research of wedding gowns even before Brian and I were engaged. But ACTUALLY trying on dresses is absolutely a different experience! I am just sooo happy that at least one of the biggest part of the wedding is handled. The dress should be here and ready to be altered around May 18th. I found out that I’m a size 4 and that I need to start toning up and work on my fitness!
With that note, my day was grand! I felt like I was on Cloud 9. And this is the outcome of it:

Brian had such a busy day today (snaps for me because I’m surviving without seeing Brian for two days yay me!) and I couldn’t stand how I was in la la land while my man is sweating it up. And so, I had this sudden urge to surprise him with something. I couldn’t quite come up with anything so I went to the nearest store around which was Walgreens and I went from aisle to aisle. Long story short, I spent about $30 and I felt no regrets about it. I REALLY wanted to let Brian know how much I love him. With the help of Branson, he guarded the stash of candies, and I was very pleased with him because he had his eye on the Skittles but he resisted and didn’t take any of the sweets. The surprise was a great success! Brian came home hungry and craving sweets. When he went upstairs, he found his bed made and a plethora of goodies on his bed. I immediately got a call from him  and said “You little sneakster!” He was a happy kid and I was a happy Santa 🙂

Since you can’t really see what it says (which I totally made up right on the spot), I will write it for you:

           Hello there my Sunchips shine! I heard through the Redvines that your Payday is next week and that your future FREE Wi-Fi (pronounced ‘wifey’) loves you to Reese’s Pieces.  You are my foshizzle my nizzle fizzle Skittles. You’ve brought Symphony to my life and no matter how Chunky you get, you will always be handsome and sexy in my eyes. I cannot wait to be sealed and be M-(McDonald’s logo)arried to you. Someday when we have all the Gold coins (aka money) or not, we’ll build our own S-(big M&M with an S)IMPSONVILLE and we’ll bring the to 
          Chick (Chicken laying eggs) fil A and we’ll live a Almond Joyful life and fly (kite) to Andes mountain. I love you. 131.

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