Goldfinch Boutique

I am in LOVE with this adorable boutique: Goldfinch Boutique!
Besides being owned by such an awesome couple, they also offer a sweet line of apparel and brands. Yesterday, I had the chance to visit the store for the very first time and I was hooked! The aura of the store was so fresh. Thanks to the girls from The Conservatorie: Floral Event and Design but we’ll talk about them later.
Honestly though, I really had to resist myself from buying anything. I loved the dresses and I’m super stoke for the upcoming arrivals for their Spring/ Summer line. I loved the accessories and of course the Toms shoes. It’s a pretty awesome deal when shopping can make a difference in the community. With every pair of Toms shoes purchased, Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Cool huh?

Before I left the store, I thought to myself, I could totally buy my bridesmaid gifts here! So, girls—-be excited! In the meantime, here are their new arrivals and I definitely have my eyes on the White Beach Front Property Dress!

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